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Finn Road Culvert Stow



Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR)


The 96-inch diameter corrugated Finn Road metal culvert was installed in the 1960’s as part of the Delaney Complex Flood Control Project. In November of 2016, the culvert was inspected and replacement was recommended due to extensive corrosion. CDR Maguire assisted the DCR with engineering, permitting and construction administration services related to replacement of the Finn Road Culvert in Stow, MA. The project will bring the Finn Road culvert, as part of the Delaney Complex, up to current safety and performance standards. The Delaney Complex currently provides flood protection to the downstream communities and project benefits also include recreational opportunities and incidental benefits would continue to be derived through maintenance of fish and wildlife habitat, water supply for irrigation, groundwater recharge, and provide a more consistent stream base flow for downstream activities.


CDR Maguire prepared plans and specifications for replacement of the culvert and upstream flow control structure. An 84 inch by 108 inch precast concrete culvert was designed to replace the existing culvert. The culvert was designed in accordance with Massachusetts River and Stream Crossing Standards. The plans include details for the culvert and flow control structure; conceptual excavation support plans; traffic control and detour plans; erosion and sediment control plans and details. A Notice of Intent was submitted to the Stow Conservation Commission. Construction of the culvert commenced in the Summer of 2018 and was completed in October 2018.