Bergbigler Well Pad

Clearfield Township, Butler County, PA

Our company has supported Shale E&P effort with the design, permitting, and inspection services for more than 80 well pads in northcentral and southwest PA. This project resulted in a 2.75 acre well pad and 360 feet of access road on a 7.8 acre project site. We completed infiltration testing, site design, water resources study (37 acres) and ESCGP-2 permitting. Coordinated protected snake species study and approval from PA Fish & Boat Commission. Submitted Cultural Resource Notification and received approval from PA Historical and Museum Commission. We obtained local driveway permit, FAA obstruction clearance, and designed township road intersection improvements. The firm performed inspection of critical stage construction items.

  • Permitted in a High Quality Watershed
  • Multiple site revisions to address PA Game Commission concerns regarding potential impacts to threatened/endangered snake (Massassauga Rattlesnake) habitat.