Reconstruction of Barton Corner Bridge

RIDOT’s Barton Corner I-95 over Route 2 project replaced a 2-span steel stringer bridge with dual single-span steel girder superstructures. The Barton Corner Bridge carries 4 lanes of I-95 plus 2 auxiliary lanes at a busy interchange with Route 2 on the Warwick/West Warwick line of Rhode Island. RIDOT awarded the contract to CDR Maguire Engineering with an incentive for construction means and methods for the least route closures and disruption to the traffic on I-95 and Route 2.

The proposed superstructures were built over top of Route 2 and parallel to Route 95 using conventional construction techniques. The superstructures were supported on temporary steel frames anchored to concrete spread footings and braced with deadmen at each end of each superstructure.  The superstructures were complete with concrete barriers and traffic railing ready for use once they were rolled into position and lowered onto their bearings. Traffic was maintained on I-95 during the off-alignment superstructure construction. Self-Propelled Modular Transports (SPMTs) were used to move the superstructures into place on the existing abutments under short-term closures of I-95.