Summit, Brothers Valley, Black and Somerset Townships Somerset County, PA

This project involves grading and drainage construction for an eleven (11) mile 4-lane limited access facility on a new alignment. There are several local road relocations. Several supplement plans include: traffic control, signing and pavement marking, delineation, highway lighting, stream relocation, erosion and sediment pollution control, environmental mitigation, and roadway test borings. Our compnay involved preparing a VE design with Joseph B. Fay to re-align 1.1 miles of the original approved roadway alignment of S.R. 6219, Section 20A for an overall $8 million construction cost savings.  The VE roadway re-alignment eliminated a reinforced soil slope design and reduced the overall excavation quantity by 500,000 CY.  We successfully completed an aggressive schedule by preparing VE design proposal after project construction let date and receiving approval/completing construction within project construction deadlines for completion.

Additional services included completing fast-track coordination with all permitting agencies for preparing and receiving approval to amend the “project-wide” PADEP/ACOE Joint Permit and NPDES/E&S Permit and to provide adequate time to complete construction within the project construction completion deadline.  Design services included completing roadway design for centerline shift of the horizontal/vertical alignments, super elevation revisions, roadway plan/cross section modifications, geotechnical analysis performed by others, stormwater drainage system revisions, E&S/PCSM plan modifications, right-of-way plan revisions, temporary and permanent utility relocation coordination within the VE design project limits.

  • 4 box culverts
  • 1 set of dual structures
  • 1 set of structure modifications
  • New interchange