Seely Trunkline & Development Area

Lycoming and Tioga, Counties, PA

Our company supported Shell via engineering, permitting, alignment planning, survey, and environmental services for this 25-mile trunkline that extends from the Transco transmission line to the Tioga County border then west for 7 miles to a lateral and network of gathering systems. This effort represents 46 miles of pipeline and gathering systems. The trunkline corridor crossed 16 wetlands and 16 streams of which 8 streams and 9 wetlands were impacted by open-cut and 8 streams and 7 wetlands were avoided via horizontal directional drilling. The lateral delineated 16 wetlands and 7 streams. The majority were avoided by route amendments or drilling.

  • 6 horizontal directional drills and numerous road, stream and wetland crossings
  • 3 compressor sites
  • Fresh water lines and impoundments
  • 14 miles of gathering lines connecting development area to trunkline
  • Coordinated protection of threatened and endangered species
  • Coordinated Phase 1 Archeological Studies